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I’d like “ghost those fuckers” written on my tombstone ✋

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I got you

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I'm all for the edge Matthew although I do appreciate the kinder/gentler version, knowing that your dial goes up to at least 11.

I like your list but many of these ought to have some disclaimers such as "it depends" and "it's hard to make a rule for every situation"


Act like the person you want to be regardless of the dickhead you're dealing with.

A fast, unequivocal no doesn't take longer then ghosting someone.

A lot of recruiters are too junior and have too much power - that's not really their fault.

Two weeks notice assumes that no one around you will suffer when you're gone. If you're senior give adequate notice for transitions. Most orgs. won't actually make use of the time but this is the stand-up thing to do.

Kids and families come in all sorts of forms - listen to experienced folks when their lives parallel yours.

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About the "it depends" disclaimers -- this piece was inspired specifically by influencers for whom it never seems to.

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